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Brier Creek chert

$40.00 framed




Agatized coral

$40.00 framed



Various points

$5.00 to $55.00 each point

Sold as individuals or set



Obsidian point collection

$5.00 to $55.00 each point

Sold as individuals or set



Triangular points in decorative arrangement






Florida chert

$35.00 framed



Micro blade core and blades

$60.00 for set




Material type collection

$5.00 to $55.00 each point

$500.00 for complete set



Biface assortment

$5.00 to $55.00 each piece

$350.00 for complete set





Material types in decorative arrangement

$250.00 for complete set












All items are special order and are subject to material availability.  Contact me to determine the time frame of order.  Items depicted within the website are examples and I welcome special requests.

I AM NOT a Native American or Native Alaskan, nor do I claim to be.  The items represented on this website ARE NOT made by a Native American and do not represent a specific people/culture.  The items are universal and were used worldwide by almost all ancient peoples.

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