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Prices are based on amount of researching, difficulty in obtaining materials, and amount of time spent creating the object.  Some materials are readily available while others are difficult to obtain in the right size, shape, quantity, etc. or they are not in season.  My prices reflect the amount of effort that went into the creation of the object.  I always strive for authenticity when creating my art and much research is involved.   Many of the skills that are needed to create authentic-looking primitive tools require years to master.  I am still learning some of those skills.


Some of the items listed on the website are merely examples since they have already been sold.  If you have purchased from me before you may even recognize items that you now own.  It would be very time consuming and expensive to update the website at each sale.  The items listed that have been sold can be reproduced but with slight variations since each piece is unique.  If you donít see anything you like, check back in a few months since I am always adding new items to my offerings. 


The pots that are displayed are examples of what I can do and each piece will be unique.  The dark areas on the pots are called fire clouding and result from the firing process.  It occurs in areas that got less heat than others, probably due to a piece of firewood contacting the surface during firing.  Some pots can be fired without these discolorations, or the vessel can be made totally black.  I take special requests on any item.  If there is something you have in mind that is not shown on the website let me know and I may be able to create it. 


All of the items listed are functional, but functional in a primitive sense is different from our modern standard.  For example; you couldnít use a stone knife the same as a steel one, you canít bend an un-backed wood bow as far as a modern fiberglass bow, primitive arrows need constant maintenance when used a lot, and you canít use a stone axe the same as a steel one.  Use of these items gives a sense of how primitive people had to treat their tools.  Also keep in mind that many of these items are of an organic nature and require some special care.  Let common sense be your judge and when in doubt, contact me.


The weapons and other items offered in the catalog are real and are dangerous.  I hold NO responsibility for misuse of these items.  They are NOT for children or anyone under 18 years old with out parental permission.  I, nor anyone associated with me, are responsible for any injury or death associated with the use of any item listed in my catalog.  I will replace it free of charge one time only, for a limited time period of 10 days after delivery, except under special circumstances. You must pay shipping costs both ways and broken item must be returned for inspection.   All photos used in this catalog are copyright protected and should not be used without written consent.  


Thanks in advance for your purchases.

Brian Floyd



I AM NOT a Native American or Native Alaskan, nor do I claim to be.  The items represented on this website ARE NOT made by a Native American and do not represent a specific people/culture.  The items are universal and were used worldwide by almost all ancient peoples.



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